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Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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  • The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1973 to promote and sponsor the equestrian sport of endurance riding.

    Our organization annually hosts several endurance clinics and endurance rides in Northern Virginia including:

    • The No Frills
    • The Old Dominion
    • The Fort Valley.

    We invite you to visit this website for information on our organization, including upcoming rides and clincs, entry forms, results, and membership.

    Photos above are from courtesy of our ride photographers/riders/members.
    Many thanks to all for letting us share your great photos of the trail!

    Click here for information on the
    2015 AERC National Championship Ride

    Ride Results for the OD (June) ride are now online! Click on the Ride Results link in the menu to pull up the results.

    Wanna Ride The OD Trail Stress Free??

    The AERC National Championships are being hosted by the OD this year. We are looking for a corps of qualified riders who would love to ride parts of the OD trail as Drag Riders for the two divisions - 50 mile and 100 miles. For the first time ever we will also offer an open LD (not part of the NC) in which we hope our volunteers will be able to take part in and enjoy.

    We will have a list up soon for the volunteer services of all the volunteer positions that are open for this fabulous weekend in October. Come be part of the OD and AERC National Championship experience!

    Please Click Here to Volunteer!

    2015 Ride/Competition Schedule

    Entries are now online for the 2015 AERC National Championships! Please see the NC page on this website, or click on our Entries link in the menu to the left.

    The OD is hosting the 2015 AERC National Championships on October 8 (50 Mile divisions) and October 10 (100 Mile divisions). Please note: You MUST be an AERC member, and MUST have qualified for the NC rides. Qualification information can be found on the AERC website.

    NOTE: Because the AERC NC ride is taking place in the time slot that we normally hold our fall ride, we will NOT be holding our 2 day Fort Valley ride in 2015. It will return in the fall of 2016. However there will be a 2015 Triple Crown, with the third leg being the Ride between the Rivers on August 1

    WOW!!! There will be an Open LD ride during the 2015 NC!!!!!

    The OD management is pleased to offer an AERC Sanctioned Open Limited Distance ride on Friday, October 9th! The LD ride will be on the day between the 50 mile Championship ride on the 8th, and the 100 mile Championship on the 10th. No qualifications are required, but we would LOVE it if you would find the time to volunteer for either the 50, the 100, or both championships. Bring your horse to camp, help out at the NC, and enjoy a day of LD competition all at the same time! What could be more fun!!!

    The entry form for the LD is currently online (see Entries link in the menu to the left) plus you can toss your hat in the volunteer arena by using our online volunteer form (on the Volunteer Page) or email Clair Godwin directly by clicking here

    THANK YOU to all who can volunteer at this fabulous AERC 50 and 100 mile National Championships in October.

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