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Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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  • The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1973 to promote and sponsor the equestrian sport of endurance riding.

    Our organization annually hosts several endurance clinics and endurance rides in Northern Virginia including:

    • The No Frills
    • The Old Dominion
    • The Fort Valley.

    We invite you to visit this website for information on our organization, including upcoming rides and clincs, entry forms, results, and membership.

    Photos above are from courtesy of our ride photographers/riders/members.
    Many thanks to all for letting us share your great photos of the trail!


    If your Arab (or part Arab) can boast Crabbet bloodlines, this is for you!!
    The Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society would like to present an award to the highest placing purebred Crabbet-related horse in each of the LD and Endurance rides that Old Dominion is offering this year. Details are included on the entry form and the deadline date is June 1st

    Click here to download the ECAHS Award form

    A special THANK YOU from the No Frills RM:

    "I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for volunteering at the No Frills ride last weekend. The ride was a huge success mostly because ALL of you gave of your time and worked so hard all weekend to help in camp or at the away vet check. And those of you who worked the away vet check... All I can say is WOW!!!!!

    The away vet check was one of the smoothest and calmly run one we have had in years. Seeing we had a record number of riders this year, especially on Saturday that is saying a lot. And that is because all of you worked so hard to meet the needs of each and every rider. I cannot thank you enough.

    And to those of you who volunteered BOTH days at the away vet check, I doubly thank you. I know you were exhausted by the end of Saturday, but yet you stayed and helped break down the vet check, haul everything down the slippery hill and load the trucks. I cannot thank you enough.

    The compliments and thank you notes from riders are still pouring in, and they cannot say enough wonderful thinks about the volunteers at the away vet check..

    Thank you so much, and hopefully I will see all of you at the Old Dominion in June.

    Please Click Here to Volunteer for the rides!
    The OD June ride will be hosting a 75 mile division this year! So if you have a hankering to see a bit more of this great trail than just the same 'ol 50, but don't wanna go the whole hog for 100, come give the 75 a whirl!! You'll be glad you did!!!!!!!!

    Entries are now online on our Entries page!

    Wanna drag?

    We are looking for some great folks to join the OD Drag Riders corps for the 2016 rides. All you need is a horse/pony/equine of any kind, your hard hat, Neg. coggins, and a yern to see the trail at a relaxed, easy, go-your-own-speed-pace to bring up the rear of the competitors. Come to camp out with your favorite side kick (your Significant Other, a friend, your dog(s) etc) and enjoy a fun loving ride agenda including meals. Your horse will be decorated by our capable vet check staff with a special drag riders exclusive "delta sign" on its rump, and you'll be able to go through the vet checks if you want to practice with your horse, and above all have fun on a super trail!

    For more information or to sign up please contact our new Drag Riders Coordinator Duane at martindh@iname.com


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