The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization, Inc. The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization, Inc.
Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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    The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization hosts three AERC sanctioned endurance rides (50 to 100 miles) and Limited Distance rides (25 to 35 miles) each year, plus Ride and Tie competition. Our rides are sanctioned by AERC, ECTRA, Ride and Tie, and SERA. AERC rules and regulations are primary in all our rides. All other sanctioning associations rules are secondary to AERC and ODEEO rules and regulations.

    The OD June Endurance Ride entries will be online by the first week in May.

  • ALL ride entry forms are provided online at least one month before the date of the competition. Entry forms are designed two ways:
    • 100% Digital - filled out electronically on your device. All necessary forms (including a scanned copy of your coggins) are attached to an email to the Ride Secretary for submission. Payment via PayPal or credit card when the digital option is used.
    • Paper Only - printed out and mailed in. This method used for payment by check.

      INSTRUCTIONS for digital fill-in forms:

      1. DOWNLOAD the entry form to your computer, tablet, or phone FIRST and SAVE the form..
      2. Open the saved PDF entry form in ADOBE READER (or your preferred PDF program) and fill in the appropriate spaces on the entry form. This form has been designed to accept your typed info and check marks in the appropriate spaces.
      3. SAVE the completed form to your computer/tablet/phone.
      4. IF you selected PayPal to pay your entry, please use your PayPal account to send the ride fee to the email address listed on the entry form, and then save a copy of your receipt. That PayPal receipt must be attached to the copy of the ride entry that you will email back to the ride secretary.
      5. EMAIL back to the ride secretary these attachments:
        • Completed and saved 3 page ride entry (includes liability and treatment forms which do NOT require your signature to be valid as long as they are part of the on-line form)
        • Receipt of PayPal payment (if applicable)
        • Scanned copy of negative Coggins test within 12 months of ride date
      6. INCLUDE in your email the email address, or cell phone number for text, you wish to receive notification of receipt of entry. PLEASE NOTE that all further correspondence from the ride Secretary will be done as a blanket email to all ride competitors so a valid email address is a must.
      7. RETAIN a copy of your sent documents on your phone or tablet should they be needed at any time while you are checking in, or already at the ride.

      Snail mail entries: Print the form, fill all the pages out by hand, attach a check and the required documents, make a copy of everything for your records, put originals in envelope, stamp, and mail.

      NOTE: ALL equine entries in all our rides, without exception, are to be wearing four shoes, or the equivalent of hoof protection which include boots or glue-ons, at the start of the ride.
      PLEASE NOTE It is strongly suggested you glue on your boots because the mountain trails on which our endurance competition takes place are exceptionally difficult on boots. It is your choice to use strap-ons, but please don't say we didn't warn you!

      All competitors and their crews are advised to please review the most current AERC Rules (found on the website), especially if competing for the 1st time


      Coming from the North on I-81 South, take Exit 273 (Mt. Jackson), take a right at the top of the ramp onto Mt. Jackson Rd. Go to the T, take a left onto Rte 614 for 1.1 miles, then a right (west) onto Rt 263 (Orkney Grade). Stay on 263 for about 11 miles, taking it slow on the winding, downhill grade as you enter Orkney Springs. As the grade levels out, take your first left onto Happy Valley Road (there’s board fence on your left as you approach the turn, and a cluster of white buildings directly beyond the turn). Go ½ mile; turn right at right hand bend in road, go to the end of the base camp field and turn left into the driveway to camp.

      Coming from the South on I-81 North, take Exit 269 (to avoid traffic in Mount Jackson), turn right off exit ramp and then left onto Rte 11 North, continue about 2 miles, then turn left onto Rte 263, following this road about 11 miles until you reach Orkney Springs. Follow the above directions from that point.

      Base camp: Address is 1794 Happy Valley Road, Orkney Springs, VA 22845. Phone is 540 856-3528. There is no cell service in Orkney Springs, but there is in Basye.


      Take I-81 to Exit 296 (located about 4 miles south of the interchange of I-81 and I-66) and turn west on Route 55 for approximately 12 miles. The road has some steep grades and curves, so be careful. As you come down a long straightaway, watch your speed and look for horse trailers on the hill to your right, along with turn ribbons just past this hill. Turn sharp right onto Capon Springs Road, a dirt road, and come uphill about 200 yards, then turn right at the old farmhouse and follow signs to park. (Please enter at the SECOND driveway)

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