The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization The Old Dominion Equestrian Endurance Organization
Dedicated to the Sport of Endurance Riding in the Commonwealth of Virginia

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    Click Here for List of Ride Awards

    The Old Dominion Triple Crown Award

    Click here for the Triple Crown Winners -1997 to current year

    Open to all riders who compete in all three Old Dominion rides. This challenge is to encourage and recognize all levels of effort, growth, and achievement with a horse/rider team – from rank beginner to seasoned competitor – and to emphasize the endurance motto: “To Finish Is To Win”

    Rules to Remember:

    • The same horse and rider team must compete in at least 3 designated OD rides- the No Frills, The OD, and Fort Valley.

    • Riders are free to mix and match the distances.
    • Each mile ridden counts as a point.
    • No entry blank or fee is required – you just enter the rides and we’ll keep track.

    Riders who complete all 3 OD sanctioned rides will receive:

    • a TRIPLE CROWN AWARD - a certificate for $25 off an entry on one of next year's OD rides.
    • a printed and frameable “Achievement Certificate” to show that you really, really did it!
    • any one of several snazzy awards ranging from a quality brown leather lead line with solid brass chain with an engraved brass plate, to an embroidered fleece jacket, to a monogrammed deck chair.
    • Public recognition and enthusiastic applause to make you blush at the Awards Ceremony at the Annual Membership Christmas Party in December.
    • Your name, your horse's name, and your lofty accomplishment in miles in the famous OD newsletter to be recorded in print for all time.

    If you enter and start any one of the 3 rides, but do not finish, you will still receive a TRIPLE CROWN CREDIT just for showing sheer grit and determination!

    So… take the challenge, win some great prizes, and prove to yourself that you and your horse ARE a champion!

    The Old Dominion Trophy

    The Old Dominion Trophy is the premier 100 mile division award presenting the to the horse/rider team which has demonstrated optimum performance based on its post-ride recovery and condition at the Old Dominion 25/50/100 mile ride. The formula for determining a winner is based on a veterinary score, total elapsed time and weight carried. Equine leg protective devices are prohibited during the ride. Horses are judged the morning following the close of the 100 mile ride. There is no fee for registering.

    The Old Dominion Cavalry Award

    Click here to see past winners

    The Cavalry Award is presented to the 100 mile horse and rider team which successfully completes, without assistance, the 100 mile division of Old Dominion 25/50/100 mile ride and is judged in the best condition on Sunday morning based on a formula similar to that used for the Old Dominion Trophy. Riders must declare their intention to compete for the award before the ride start. Acceptance of any type of unauthorized assistance during the ride disqualifies the team from this award. Please read the rules and requirements for riding cavalry that are on this website under the Ride Entry Form menu link. There is no fee for registering.

    Click here for OD Cavalry Rules

    The Old Dominion Team Award

    Riders can form individual teams to compete for a team award in the 50 and 100 mile divisions of the Old Dominion 25/50/100 mile ride. Teams must be comprised of 4 riders officially entered in the ride, and must be declared and registered with Ride Management prior to the start of the ride. At least 3 team members must finish the ride with a ride completion for the team to remain eligible. Award will be based upon the fastest averaged time of each team. There is no fee for registering.