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October 8th (50 Mile) and October 10th (100 Mile)
held at
Orkney Springs, VA

The Old Dominion Endurance Rides, Inc. would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all our incredible sponsors, our tireless volunteers, our dedicated Ride Managers, our terrific corps of vets, our wonderful riders, and our cheering fans and supporters for a fabulous weekend in hosting the AERC's 2015 National Championships. What a great, funfilled, and exciting October weekend we all had here in Virginia!

AERC National Championship Program (PDF file)

2015 AERC 50 mile NC - Thursday, Oct. 8th

AERC 2015 50 Mile FW Champion - Cheryl Newman on JS Comet
Photo by Becky Pearman

50 Mile NC RESULTS - Categories
First Junior Sarah Buckley
First Featherweight Cheryl Newman
First Lightweight Colleen Greene
First Middleweight Jesse Jarrett
First Heavyweight Alex Uspenski

Order of Finish - 50 Mile

33 completed out of 42 - duplicate placing indicate tie

1st 517 Cheryl Newman F JS Comet 5:12:10
2nd 502 Colleen Greene L Noble Prince KBS 5:37:37
3rd 529 Claire R. Godwin F EH Ahmose 5:43:54
3rd 546 Laura J. Bramel F RHS Sitara 5:43:54
3rd 530 Alex Uspenski H Marton 5:43:54
3rd 516 Gina Hagis F Lumina 5:43:54
7th 540 Verena Stock L King Tiki 5:47:50
8th 525 Sallie S. Sullivan H Ivan Groznyi 5:48:00
9th 542 Jesse Jarrett M Smoke Deuce 6:02:43
10th 536 Holly R. Corcoran L Poete 6:04:52
11th 515 Tom Hagis M Indian Reinman 6:16:34
11th 537 Doug Lietzke M GE Menlara 6:16:34
13th 501 Teri Carroll L Awesome Wolf 6:50:41
14th 531 Miriam Anver L Hail To The Chief 6:59:47
15th 513 Angela Gross L WMA La Princessa 7:02:52
15th 539 Amy Stone L Farah's Testamony 7:02:52
17th 527 Carol Federighi L Lily Creek Legacy 7:06:21
18th 518 Stagg Newman L FFC First Csea Lord 7:06:55
19th 510 Juliette Fusiarska-Cannon L Birgham CA 7:19:55
20th 524 Peggy Thompson M HRA El Akhira 8:11:09
21st 503 Sarah E. Buckley Jr Cliffes Copper Penny 8:14:10
21st 541 Kelly Lane L Sams Dividend 8:14:10
21st 512 Karen Neuenschwander L Rushcreek Brooke 8:14:10
24th 506 Dana Reeder H LB Magnolia 8:20:55
25th 533 Jennifer Smith F Hollybriar Sungod 8:30:58
26th 514 Cathryn Rice F Epyc 8:57:29
26th 509 Paula Brown L Elektronic 8:57:29
28th 521 Nancy Kain L Blew Away 8:58:53
29th 523 Lani Newcomb H LB Brimstone 9:39:12
30th 545 Elyse Carreno F VA Chazz Chianti 9:39:20
31st 508 Diane Connolly L Major Melody H 9:51:42
32nd 520 Michelle Rice F TEF Lunar Eclipse+/ 10:13:51
32nd 532 Lauren DiOrio H Getcha Good PW 10:13:51

AERC 50 Mile Nat'l Championship BEST CONDITION Evaluation

RIDE: AERC National Championship
RIDE DATE: October 8, 2015
RIDE MANAGER: Nancy Smart &Joe Seldon
HEAD VET: Nick Kohut

Rider's Name Cheryl Newman Claire R. Godwin Laura J. Bramel Alex Uspenski Gina Hagis Holly R. Corcoran
Horse's Name JS Comet EH Ahmose RHS Sitara Marton Lumina Poete
Ride Number 517 529 546 530 516 536
Finish Placing 1st 4th 4th 4th 4th 10th
Finish Time of Day 13:42:10 14:13:54 14:13:54 14:13:54 14:13:54 14:34:52
Horse's Weight Carried 164 154 160 221 160 174
TOTAL SCORE 666.5 620.483 558.483 573.983 558.483 588.8

The 100 mile NC - Saturday, Oct. 10th

100 Mile NC RESULTS - Categories
First Junior (no entries)
First Featherweight Bryna Stevenson
First Lightweight Carol Federighi
First MiddleweightTom Hagis
First Heavyweight (none to finish)

Order of Finish - 100 Miles

18 completed out of 26 - duplicate placing indicate tie
1st 124 Bryna Stevenson F Whisperstreams Atropine 12:14:57
2nd 117 Carol Federighi L Lily Creek Stetson 12:15:01
3rd 114 Sarah Schick L Legalas 13:16:31
4th 119 Claire R. Godwin F PL Mercury 13:16:35
5th 128 Ann Yancey Mebane F HH Saba Shams 14:00:35
6th 107 Pamela J. Karner L Clunk 14:22:51
7th 126 Jennifer L. Poling F Prado CF 14:22:53
8th 113 Tom Hagis M Ali Mostafa 15:31:48
8th 121 Nancy Sluys L FYF InZane+ 15:31:48
10th 105 Trisha Juerling L Busy 16:10:18
11th 103 Taylor Stine F Wonder Witch 16:10:19
12th 120 Angela McGhee F ALA Thor 16:14:36
13th 116 Suzanne Solis L Khorvet 16:14:38
14th 104 Richard Stedman M Second Wind Soldier 16:53:32
15th 102 Sarah Jack F Wyns Moon Tyme Rebel 17:13:31
15th 111 Kally Kuehler F Indian Aura 17:13:31
15th 127 Melissa Lenter L French Fyr 17:13:31
18th 112 Rachel Lodder F El Dakaragorn Bey 18:37:39

AERC 100 Mile Nat'l Championship BEST CONDITION Evaluation

RIDE: AERC National Championship
RIDE DATE: October 10, 2015
RIDE MANAGER: Nancy Smart &Joe Seldon
HEAD VET: Nick Kohut

Rider's Name Bryna Stevenson Carol Federighi Sarah Schick Ann Yancey Mebane Tom Hagis Nancy Sluys Trisha Juerling
Horse's Name Whisperstreams Atropine Lily Creek Stetson Legalas HH Saba Shams Ali Mostafa R-Kons Able Busy
Ride Number 124 117 114 128 113 121 105
Finish Placing 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 8th 8th 10th
Finish Time of Day 22:54:57 22:55:01 23:56:31 00:40:35 02:11:48 02:11:48 02:50:18
Horse's Weight Carried 162 173 196 158 199 199 187
TOTAL VET SCORE 415 340 380 415 325 345 410
TOTAL TIME SCORE 200 199.933 138.433 94.367 3.15 3.15 0
TOTAL WEIGHT SCORE 81.5 87 98.5 79.5 100 100 94
TOTAL OVERALL SCORE 696.5 626.933 616.933 588.867 428.15 448.15 504

Ride Managers were Joe Selden and Nancy Smart.
THANK YOU for managing a terrific ride and providing a FUN weekend despite all the pre-ride craziness!!!! You are the BEST!!!!

Our Awards/Sponsor Coordinator was Beth Johnson who did a fantastic job in building a stellar corps of sponsors for the National Championship. THANK YOU, Beth!!! And thanks to all your people as well!!!!

Our NC Volunteer Coordinator was Claire Godwin, and our Drag Rider Coordinator was Zoe Sollenberger. Claire, Zoe, and the entire OD Board, extend their sincere thanks to all those who stepped forward to volunteer, and everyone who pitched in to help during the NC. We couldn't have done it without you. THANK YOU!

A Gift For All Entered NC Riders

Many many thinks to our fabulous photographer, Becky Pearman, for adding her talents to gift a FREE custom 4X6 equine portrait - with championship neck garland (complete with AERC nationals logo) - to all the competition riders


And to our vast corps of volunteers who worked long hours out of the goodness of their hearts, doing it all for Karma points only, you all deserve a special pat on the back for a job well done. The NC wouldn't exist without you, the volunteers, who give so freely your expertise, your skills, your friendliness, your support, your time, your goodwill, your endless efforts, your williness to do whatever was needed to make the ride/riders/horses comfortable, happy, and supported. To all who raised a hand and signed up to volunteer: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!